The model I received was high polygon, so it was not suitable as a model for HoloLens. Therefore, I did the retopology in ZBrush and rigged it in Maya.

Motion Capture And Retargeting Them
The motion for the moon landing is based on motion capture. The model at the time of recording was retargeted in Motion Builder to the adjusted model used in the final version, and the animation was corrected and adjusted in Maya.
Cloth Simulation To Bone Animation
Among several scenes, I also created a scene in which astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin hold the American flag. The flags were hand-animated, but I needed to simulate the physics to get a realistic flag swing. There was a way to select VAT, but it would have required shader changes in Unity, so I decided to convert cloth simulation into bone animations by placing joints in the flag. Also I did not use alembic because it is not suited for real-time and HoloLens does not seem to support alembic.

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