Proposal of Work Flow
At the request of a client, which owns photogrammetric data from around the world, including the ocean floor, the pyramids in Egypt, and the Ishibutai tumulus in Japan, I created 8K effect videos that seamlessly connect videos created from each photogrammetric data, and developed videos playback system. 

In a period of about a month and a half, I had to create seven types of effect videos and developed a system that performs transitions in real time so that each video can be replaced at any time, taking into consideration the need to update the photogrammetric videos created by the client.

I first developed the system using 8K videos for testing purposes, and after confirming stable playback on the actual PC and monitors, I adopted a flow to create the effect videos in earnest. The rendering time for the high-resolution videos were several days, and the schedule was tight, but I was able to smoothly carry out the process from the flow proposal to the delivery of the content.
Effect Videos
Some effect videos were rendered real-time rendering software because those can be expressed by the software such as Unity and TouchDesigner, while some videos that require physical expression were rendered by Redshift using Houdini. In real-time rendering software, as in pre-rendering, rendering was done frame by frame. And also some videos were then composited with AfterEffects.
Development of Variable Systems
One of the reasons I developed the content to allow for video replacement is that the client informed us that they may update or add more videos in the future. In addition, the transition time of the videos and the fade time of the background music can be adjusted externally at any time in preparation for the possibility of sudden changes during on-site checks, etc.

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