Destruction Effect
This is the show in which voice actors read typical scenes from the manga with the videos and effects. I created a video of the destruction effect of Tomra Shigaraki, an enemy character from "My Hero Academia," using Houdini to destroy objects and create particle effects from the destroyed areas. In order to composite with the venue video in real time, I sent an video with alpha imformation as the material for compositing.
Particle Effect
This is a particle effect for compositing into the live performance by voice actors.
The alpha video with gradations was not reflected well if it was placed on the live video of real time, so it was rendered separately as a fill video with color information and a key video with alpha information. Since it was not possible to use a large video, the video was exported as a 20-second loop. I used TouchDesigner for the entire flow, and since TouchDesigner does not have a default tool for exporting to a looped video, I implemented a mechanism to create a looped video at the time of recording.

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