Visual production of AR filters
Based on the concept of "every city into a cute space," I created AR filters. The content was created in the Bulit-in render pipeline, so the Particle System was used for the effects. Flowers and some objects were modeled, rigged, and looped animated with Maya, and shaders were created with the Amplify Shader Editor in Unity. The modeling, rigging, and animation of the jellyfish was done by another 3D artist, and I specified the format required for the content. The animation of multiple objects was randomly played back in the timeline.
Creating Materials Needed For Interactions
In this AR content, the developer made the interaction if you touch jellyfish and flowers,  these color change along with effects. I prepared ParticleSystem as the material and set the colors after the interaction. Although I was not in charge of the development of this content,  I was able to smoothly prepare the materials for the interaction because I was able to understand the system.
The following links will take you to content homepage and article actually used in tourist destinations.

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